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Project Unspoken

A veces ocurren cosas simultáneamente en diversos sitios del planeta. Topamos con la página de este proyecto, parecido a los proyectos que ya mencionamos en entradas anteriores. Aunque esté editado en inglés, creo que se entiende de qué se trata. Les pedimos permiso para insertar esta página en la nuestra. Siguiendo los enlaces, puedes ver películas de YouTube que tratan del tema de abuso sexual, no sólo de niños, sino de la violación en general.

Project Unspoken

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Project Unspoken is an initiative of the Respect Program in Emory University’s Office of Health Promotion that strives to end the silence about rape, sexual assault, and relationship violence through a video series and social movement called Team Chaos.  We raise awareness by educating the public with the facts behind these issues and encourage society to challenge these pervasive problems. Project Unspoken was founded on August 28, 2012 by Caleb Peng ‘13C, who is now the RHD Fellow for the Office of Health Promotion and Dobbs Hall.

This project is an outlet for the voices that need to be heard. Whether you are a survivor of sexual violence or not, we are all affected by sexual violence. We encourage you to do something about it. Take a stand, challenge our rape culture, and educate others so that one day we may live in a safer world. We hope that one day Project Unspoken will no longer be needed. But until then we will start conversations and we will create change, because it’s time we fix our broken world. Anyone is welcome to utilize Project Unspoken’s videos with permission. Just let us know how you’re using the videos by emailingrespect@emory.edu.

To view the Project Unspoken videos go to http://youtube.com/projectunspoken.  There are featured videos on this channel as well as installments of the Team Chaos Show, which highlights relevant issues and news items. The featured videos include:

–          I am tired of the silence (Gender and the construction of sexual violence)

–          You’re not just a victim. You’re a survivor. (Survivor support)

–          Victim Blaming

–          This is rape culture.

–          Patriarchy (How patriarchy and rape culture affect men)

–          Coming soon: Oppression

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